Study found that creativity is not based on natural ability…

Have you ever wanted to be more creative?  You look at an art piece or new invention and wonder, “How can anyone think to create something like that?”  Well, maybe you can be more creative.  A recent journal article published on creativity found that it is not necessarily natural ability that allows you to be creative, but rather the ability to let go of what is rational.  Based on this study and other observations here are some ways that you can be more creative.

  1. Forget what you know.  Creativity is hindered in most people because of they already know.  They have had experiences in life that taught them certain “laws” and those laws cant be broken.  Walt Disney created a billion dollar brand when he forgot that mice couldn’t talk.  The most creative people are those who look at a process, and challenge why it is done that way.  Whatever space you are trying to be creative in forget how its always been done and try looking at it from a new perspective.  Go back to this place often while innovating and being creative.
  2. Don’t stay on task.  A time of creative thinking and innovation is not a test in productivity; it is a time to let your mind wander and let thoughts find you.
  3. Break the rules (in theory at least).  Rules are created for limitations and to promote safety.  Rules are a necessity, and without rules life would be a dangerous and deadly place.   In theory though some rules are ok to break.  Use a white board or large poster board and write out what you are trying to accomplish and the rules that are holding you back. Then rewrite the rules to fit the goal and then “reverse think” how it will all work and come together.

I hope this helps in your endeavor to be more creative.

Love and Peace,

Morgan Lee







Title: On Being Found: How Habitual Patterns of Thought Influence Creative Interest, Behavior, and Ability Author: Paul Verhaeghen, Alexandra N. Trani, Shelley N. Aikman Publication: Creativity Research Journal Publisher: Taylor & Francis Date: Jan 2, 2017 Copyright © 2017 Rutledge


One thought on “Study found that creativity is not based on natural ability…

  1. Good thoughts, bro!
    I do think some personality types make it easier for some people to express their creative side. I’m an ENFJ and creativity is the river I swim all day every day. I do know some people who are beautifully creative, but have trouble expressing that appropriately. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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