Starting Over

I love the song “Closing Time” by Semisonic.  The lyrics, “every new begining comes from some other begining’s end” rings true in all of our lives.

Every day begins when the previous one ends; and so do opportunities.  We often decide to hold on too long to the “something” because we don’t want it to end or we are afraid of what the new begining might be.  Here are some ways that I combat that feeling myself and embrace change and new beginnings.

  1. Realize that this new begining may be temporary and might be a good stepping stone to a better life.  The best opportunities in my life and I’m sure yours, have come when something that you originally thought was “great” came to an end.
  2. Put things in prospective of short term, long term and life long.  My wife and I make decisions in our life based on how this decision will impact our family in relation to time.  Will it impact us this year, or have an impact on our family in five years or will it alter our life long existence.  (This really helps when it comes to how we spend our weekends, we know that the lifelong impact of spending time with family is more important than a few hours of overtime.)
  3. Find change before it finds you.  It’s no secret that humanity hates change.  Proactively seeking changes and being aware of changes that are in your future makes embracing those changes much easier.

I hope these tips help and don’t ever be afraid of starting over.

With love and peace,

Morgan Lee


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